Walk Journal – Dec 28, 2018

Location: Toronto

Weather: Grey but dry, 8C

Duration: 90 minutes

Today was a city walk to shake off the calories after a few days of holiday feasting. It was a walk around my extended mid-town neighbourhood, ranging across upper Forest Hill from Avenue Road west along Briar Hill to Bathurst, then back east along Lytton all the way to Yonge, then further east on Blythwood to Bayview and down to Broadway to come home.

Not much to report to be honest – the weather was warm for December but that’s about the extent of the excitement. Lots of people walking dogs, some others out shopping along Eglinton and Yonge streets, and the usual construction mess on Eg for the Crosstown Link.

Except it ended in my first blog post. Hope to have something more interesting soon.