Walkers vs Runners

I can sum up my theory of runners versus walkers with this graphic:

Walkers are modest, runners are arrogant.

Walkers wear sensible shoes and have destinations.

Runners brag about their shoes and go in circles to sweat with purpose.

Walkers value the journey and the things they see along the way.

Runners value the sweat and the exercise and don’t see anything they pass, including walkers.

Runners hydrate, walkers drink water.

Runners enter The Zone, walkers immerse.

Runners compete, walkers contemplate.

Runners carb load, walkers eat.

Runners exercise, walkers journey.

A runner spends hundreds or thousands of dollars on shoes, compression socks, tights, shorts, shirts, weather gear, heart rate monitors, hydration systems.

A walker buys clothes and shoes to wear while getting about his/her business.

Race walkers are weird runners.