Grey Skies and Nursery Rhymes

This is the way we wash our hands,

Wash our hands

Wash our hands

This is the way we wash our hands

On a cold and frosty morning.

Traditional rhyme

I was walking recently and as often happens, idle thoughts strayed to old rhymes. COVID-19 case numbers are climbing again in Ontario, and Toronto has allowed itself to slide back down the curve from Orange alert to Red, and now to a near-full lockdown as we had last spring.

So I guess it wasn’t surprising that my subconscious mind recalled a childhood nursery rhyme that seemed appropriate to our current state of affairs. When my conscious mind realized that I was reciting this to myself as I walked, I reworded it to something appropriate to our situation today.

This is the way we wear our masks,

Wear our masks,

Wear our masks,

This is the way we wear our masks,

On a cold and COVID morning

Traditional rhyme adapted to our times copyright Robert Bradt 2020

And while I was thinking that, I was also reflecting upon the fact that the weather gods have come back from holidays and brought with them more traditional November skies and temps. Cold, rainy gusts and gloomy rambles seem appropriate.

Of course, another way to look at COVID is to remember a different nursery rhyme:

Half a pound of tuppenny rice,

Half a pound of treacle.

That’s the way the money goes,

Pop! goes the weasel!

Traditional, as found in Wikipedia

Each time we think we have pushed COVID back into its box, we relax our behaviours and let our physical distancing, hand-washing, and mask-wearing standards slip, and then Pop! goes the weasel indeed.

Never a thought for somebody else,

Never a thought for others,

That’s the way the case count grows

Pop! go the numbers!

copyright Robert Bradt 2020

Stay safe everyone. Remember the 3 W’s: Wear a mask, Watch your distance, and Wash your hands.

Visit the City of Toronto website to learn how you can help control the spread of COVID-19.

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From the new City of Toronto Safe 6ix campaign