A Wee Walking Rant

Way back when, in the late 1960’s, I can remember being introduced to Elmer the Safety Elephant. Someone came to my grade school, and gave a presentation on bicycle safety, using the Elmer story and some pamphlets.

Being a reading kid, I took home some of the pamphlets and memorized everything in them – I was that kind of reader.

And now, near 50 years later, Elmer the Safety Elephant comes to my mind as I walk through various neighbourhoods, parks, and cemeteries. “Where there is no sidewalk, always walk on the left to face the on-coming traffic“. Clearly, many people haven’t heard of this advice, because I’m constantly running into people walking towards me on their right – i.e. the wrong side of the road! – as I stubbornly cling to the left and force them to cross to the correct side.

So people, say it with me – Where There Is No Sidewalk, Always Walk On The Left To Face The On-coming Traffic!

And thus endeth the rant.