Bucket List Walks

An ever-changing list of walks I’ve done or would like to do. If it’s in bold italics it means I Did It!

Walks close to home in the Maritimes

Walks in my home province of Ontario

  • The Bruce Trail, Ontario
    • Niagara Section
    • Iroquois Section
    • Toronto Section
    • Caledon Section
    • Dufferin Highland Section
    • Beaver Valley Section
    • Blue Mountain Section
    • Sydenham Section
    • Peninsula Section
  • Yonge Street (from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe)
  • Tracing the path of Lord Simcoe from Fort George in Niagara-on-the-Lake to Fort York in Toronto
  • The Great Trail T-O-M walk – Toronto to Ottawa to Montreal following the Great Trail routes
  • Montreal to Toronto following the Waterfront Trail

Walks in the Toronto area

  • Crisscross Toronto (west to east and south to north, across the city within its boundaries)
  • Waterfront to Wine
    • East, from Toronto to Prince Edward County along the Waterfront Trail
    • West, from Toronto to Niagara along the Waterfront Trail
    • South, from Toronto to Pelee Island along the Waterfront Trail
  • The Great Trail in Southern Ontario (within 2 hours of Toronto)
    • Toronto Waterfront Trail
    • Toronto Pan-Am Trail
    • Toronto Pan-Am Connector
    • Niagara River Recreational Trail
    • Pickering Waterfront Trail
    • Durham County Recreational Trails
    • Laura Secord Legacy Trail
    • City of Hamiton Trails
    • Fort Erie to Hamilton connector trails
    • Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail
    • Brantford to Kitchener connector trails
    • Kitchener to Elora connector trails
    • Elora to Barrie connector trails
  • Oakridges Moraine Trail around greater Toronto

Walks out the world someplace

Personal Journeys

  • The journey of the Bradt Brothers, tracing my ancestors from New Amsterdam (now New York) up the Hudson to Albany and then west across upstate NY, across to Fort Erie, and along the Talbot Trail to Leamington in Essex County, SW Ontario, where I was born.