World’s most boring 5K walk

Today features my nomination for the most boring 5K walk in the world.

It started with a business trip to Portland Maine. That itself was fine, And even when I got to the airport it went well, sailing through security and getting to the gate in plenty of time. I was in the queue to board, and just about to start down the ramp to the plane when there was an ominous squawk on the gate agent’s radio – “hold boarding”.

And thus began my tedious walk. After an hour and a half it was clear that I wasn’t getting out on that flight and the best one I could make left me with another 5 hours to occupy.

And slowly, slowly, pacing back and forth around the terminal I managed to clock off 5K worth of tedium. Hello tourist tat shop; hello Burger King; hello vibrating massage chairs in the middle of the terminal that no one sits in; hello guy pacing up and down in the opposite direction; and on and on.

Eventually I stepped off the time and got out. I did get a more exciting 5 min speed walk at my connecting city to catch my homeward bound flight, small consolation for a wasted day.

But at least I achieved my 60 min of walking activity for the day, which goes to prove that walkers will walk, wherever and whenever they can.